Layering 101: Learn 3 ways to wear a skirt extender

Posted on November 06 2018

Did you know with one skirt extender you can create three custom looks? Make your wardrobe new again; we can show you how. 

At Peekaboo-Chic, we thrive on versatility, and that's the idea behind our skirt extender collection. Each layering clothing piece can be worn up to 3 different ways. The best part:  you can use clothes you already have! So dust out those closets and start layering.

Here's how:

Add length.

Pair a slip extender with a too-short dress to add length and a feminine frill.

Hint: this works best with a contrasting color (ex: cream with a black dress "pops" as opposed to black with a black dress)



Pull it up.

Add a little ooh-la-la to a sheer top by pulling your extender up (yes, that's right, like a tube top) and wear as a shirt extender. No need for an undershirt or cami.

Hint: the skirt adds just enough length to peek out of under your shirt hemline and cover your rear. A must-have with leggings.

how to wear a half slip modest skirt extender

Wear it a a skirt. Our darker options work better as a skirt (they're not sheer) but use your imagination. Use this method to turn any tunic into a insta-dress.

Hint: Probably not the best idea with cream or white extenders. They are a little too sheer. 

how to wear a skirt extender



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