How Influencer Celeste Wright Uses & Loves Peekaboo Chic Skirt Extenders

Posted on December 27 2018

It’s such a fun adventure to see Peekaboo Chic Skirt Extenders in the wild. Blogger Celeste Wright regularly uses them to make cute-but-not-quite-long-enough looks modest and wearable.

What is a skirt extender?

A skirt extender, sometimes called a half-slip, is a garment you can wear underneath skirts and dresses to add a few inches of length for additional coverage and modesty. With ruffles, lace and other textures and a range of colors, skirt extenders can be mixed and matched with clothes to create a fashionable look.

Add bohemian style to an outfit

While posing with her daughter, Celeste is wearing a cream colored, lace-trimmed half slip under a red dress to add a bohemian vibe to her outfit, while adding length so the outfit would hit at the knee.

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Make a too-short dress modest (and fashionable)

On another day, Celeste wore the same skirt extender under a much shorter dress, turning a too-short outfit into a comfortable and wearable modest option. With more than six inches of added skirt length, the cream lace ruffles appear like part of the dress:

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Skirt extenders open up a world of new wardrobe opportunities to women who dress modestly: Skirts and dresses that would otherwise be much too short can become adorable modest looks with a half slip underneath.


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