About Us: Meet the owners of Peekaboo Chic

Posted on January 15 2019

Peekaboo-Chic is owned and operated by 2 registered nurses: Nickie & Risa.

As besties for 10+ years, we are all about inspiring women to look and feel their best. We have a passion for style, creativity and versatility. Which is why you'll love high quality layering apparel with a feminine twist.

From skirt extenders, to dress extenders, to shirt extenders and layering tops, you're sure to find something you just cant live without.

Bonus: all peekaboo items can be worn multiple ways.

Our promise to you? High quality items, more ways to wear and pair and awesome customer service. 

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  • Katie Evans: March 16, 2020

    I want a black chiffon half slip in lg but your out of them . I was hoping that you would offer the 25% cents your out of them at this time? If you could please let me know I would appreciate it, thank you so much.

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  • Joyce Sowinski: July 23, 2019

    Please indicate how long the skirt extenders are.

  • Joy Jacobsen: June 22, 2019

    What is your estimated time to ship to Canada? I need a skirt extender before Friday June 28.

  • Colleen: May 24, 2019

    Some Catholic parishes are now recommending skirts or dresses be long enough to cover the knee while seated. This might be a market for you, if your products were just a little longer? Maybe the ultra long extender you sell? Anyway, I’m always keeping my eyes out. Hopefully this is helpful for you!

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