Posted on April 23 2015

Bohemian Chic

Yep...the 70's have made a comeback. Say hello to fringed trim, floral prints and flowy, layered ensembles.  When it comes to dressing boho-chic (also called "hippie" or "gypsy")...the good news is anything goes!  The right mix of eclectic layers are what makes every bohemian look unique. Be creative and show your individuality and free-spirited ways. 

TIP 1: ALWAYS INCLUDE STATEMENT PIECE. The main goal is to created layers of interest. A large medallion necklace worn over several smaller beaded strands is an example. Show your own creativity and free-spirit to choose the statement piece that best describes you and build your outfit around that.

a hobo bag as a statement piece


TIP 2: WHEN IN DOUBT...ADD MORE LAYERS. Bohemian outfits need to have flowing feel to them. Choose a loose, ruffled skirt or drapey floral tunic as your base layer and add a duster jacket, shrug, scarf, several necklaces and a bag. If you want to add more layers to a skirt, try one of our skirt extenders.



TIP 3: DONT BE AFRAID TO DRESS OUTSIDE THE BOX! Go ahead...try something new. Add a paisley print to your closet, show off a thick headwrap or strappy sandles. Don't forget to add lots of women's accessories.



 The BEST part about BOHEMIAN CHIC? Every outfit is different! Dig into your closet, mix and match and most of all have fun creating one-of-a-kind combinations! Shop our boho jacket collection or our lace boot socks for more inspiration. 


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