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Posted on November 08 2014

Today's the Best Day

Peek A Boo Chic Giveaway

"I LOVE layering! I LOVE mixing patterns! I LOVE making inmodest pieces, modest. And I LOVE finding new stores that let me do ALL of these things! I am so excited to introduce you all to Peekaboo-Chic, one of my most favorite stores for layering, mixing and modesty!

Peekaboo Chic is known for “Lavish Layering for Women.” Their shop is FULL of something for everyone! Their skirt extenders are perfect to make those short dresses and skirts just a little longer. Their boot socks not only keep you warm for the Winter, but add a super cute and trendy touch to your outfit. And of course I love their lace head wraps, because I can’t leave the house without a headband! :)

Peekaboo Chic specializes in designing the latest trends of lavish layering for women who are passionate about skirt and legwear accentuation. From slip dresses, layering skirts, convertibles, and legwear, to more formal lace attire, Peekaboo Chic offers an attractive variety we’re sure you’ll adore.”

Every piece in their shop is hand-crafted with great care by fashion designers in Utah, using one-of-a-kind patterns!

I absolutely LOVE their Vintage Floral Boot Socks that I am wearing here. Don’t judge me if I wear them everyday – okay?! They are so soft and I LOVE the lace on top! They also go over your knee so you can wear them with even tall boots – or you can fold them down like I did here to fit shorter calf boots. SO comfy. And SO cute."


Boot Socks By Peekaboo Chic


"Their skirt extenders are AMAZING – not only because they make any skirt, modest! BUT because you can wear them 4 WAYS! Under a shirt to extend the length {like an undershirt!}, AS a top with a cute jacket or cardigan, on its own as a skirt, or layered underneath a skirt to make it longer! I wore it a few different ways" here:

Skirt Extender Peek A Boo Chic


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